The best method of learning Quran by heart:

All praise be due to Allah Only,and may Allahs peace and blessings be upon His Last Messanger and His Best Servant Mohammed sallahu alayha wa saalam and upon his Companions r.a. This method stands out by providing the ability to securely and quickly learn the Qur'an and learning to complete the entire Qur'an in the shortest time. Under below I will mention one example of learning one page of Quraan from Surah Al Jumaah: The first verse read twenty times, The second verse read twenty times, The third verse read twenty times, The fourth verse read twenty times. These four verses read in order from start to finish to get them merged. The fifth verse read twenty times, The sixth verse read twenty times, The seventh verse read twenty times, And eight verse read the eighth verse twenty times. Read from the fifth to the eighth verse order to get them merged. And at the end reed from first untill eight ayah, which means all page, so that you can remember everything well. On this way Inshallah stick to this method and after every memoraised page do not learn more than eight ayahs ( verses) for day, because pages which you have already learned will increase by time, so you may loose concetation and you can forget the pages which you have already learnt. If I wish to learn new page of Quraan tomorow, what should I do and how should I act? If you wish to learn a new page via the above methods, then the present study pages found by reading another twenty times in order to be deeply engraved in the memory before you start with a new page.Than start new page with the same method. How that I learn and repeat? Do not learn the Quran without repetition. Because, although you learn whole Quran page after page, when you finish and try to repeat the verses from the first page, you will see that you forgot them. It is best to learn a new page, and update those that you already know. Divide the Qur'aan into three parts so each part has ten juz. When you learn one new page per day, four repeats of the old page and so on untill you learn 10 juz. And when you learn ten juz, then stop at learning new pages a month. Of these a month repeat every day for eight pages of these lessons After one month of repeating, start with learning next ten juz on memory, learning one or two pages of Quraan depending from your posibility i repeat every day 8 pages untill you do not learn 20 juz. When you learn 20 juz, than make pause of two month so that you can repeat every day waht you have learnt untill now. After two month of pause start with learning of the last part of Quraan, learning one or two pages, depending from your posibility and repeat every day 8 pges untill you do not finish all Quraan Inshallah. When you finish complete Quraan, repeat only first 10 juz one month, every day 10 juz ( 10 pages), and than repeat 20 juz ( first 10 and second 10) whole month, repeat every day for half of juz and read daily for 8 pages from first 10juz. After improve yourselfe on renewing other 10 juz and repeat daily for half of juz ( 10 pages) and 8 pages of first 10 juz, plus 8 pages from second 10 juz. How that I repeat complete Quran after I finish with this method? Start with renewing complete Quraan on that way that you will repeat 2 juz for three time daily.Inshallah, you will continue with this method and you will see that for one year you will learn all Quraan very well. Continue with this method one whole year. What I do after one year after I finish whole Quraan? After one year that you strengthen and improve yourselfe more in learning Quraan, may your every day of repeating Quraan be like it was of The Messanger of Allah sallahu alayha wa saalam who seperated Quraan on seven parts, which menas that every seven day he would finish memorasing of Quraan. Aws Ibn Huzayfee said: I asked the compannions of Allahs Messanger, how they were seperating Quraan, and they have answered: 3, 5, 7, 9,11,13 and hezb mufaasal from Surah Al Kaf untill end of Quraan ( Ahmad) Explination: 1.First day reed from Surah Al Fateeh untill end of Surah An- Nissa 2.Second day reed from Surah Al Maidah untill end of Surah At Tawba 3.Third day reed from Surah Yunus untill end of Surah An Nahl 4.Forth day reed from Surah Al Israa untill end of Surah Al Furqan 5.Fifth day reed from Surah As Shuara untill end of Surah Yaseen 6.Sixth day reed from Surah As saffat untill end of Surah Al Hujurat 7. Seventh day reed from Surah Qaf untill end of Surah An Naas( last pageof Quraan)This seperaton of Prophet Mohammed sallahu alayha wa saalam, Islamic schoolars gathered in two words“ Famyaan bi Shawkeen“. Every letter of these words is making Surah with which is begining daily reeding. How that I make diffrence between simmular ( mutashabih) ayahs? The best way of differentiation between two simmular ayahs is that you open pages on which are ayahs, carefully analise simmular ayhs I find truth difference. After that think your own way on which you can differentiate simmular ayahs when you find them. Few rules of memoraising complete Quraan-Heefz 1.You need to learn with learned persone who is going to correct your mistakes. 2.Learning of Quraan should be from the same publication of Quraan, which can help you with remebering the places where ayahs are, like the beginging and end of pages as well. 3.Do not worry if you make mistakes while learning Quraan, because Shaytan can take you away from your niyaah. Stay away from those doubts and worries, and continue with your learning, because Quraan is a treasure.